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anyone wanna do me a favor? Oct. 21st, 2003 @ 11:15 am
i'm at OCC til 5. would anyone wanna pick me up and bring me home then? =) i'll love u forever! call my cell if u can and i'll give u a cookie =P.
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oooo i forgot Sep. 28th, 2003 @ 11:58 am
last night at Heather's, Matt said he quit working at Red Lobster. so i asked if he knew Tara and he did.
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wheee Sep. 28th, 2003 @ 02:19 am
alright everyone. i want u all to comment in here as many times as u want and i wanna see how many comments i get. i wanna get like 50 b/c that would mean i'm the coolest motherfucker ever. yeah thats right. so gimme comments NOW.
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Happy Birthday Heather! Sep. 27th, 2003 @ 10:40 pm
so i went to the mall to find Heather a bday card. the one card store that i liked was gone. they're putting an East Meets West in there. so i went to the card store by the food court. i looked and looked and looked and looked for a good card and i found one with a penguin on it that said "You're 18?" and on the inside it said "Cool!" so i got that one haha. then i wrote little messages in it. then i went to the bookstore for no reason at all and found the Buffy magazine that has all the bad guys in it. i'm gonna get it when i get more money. and probably the new Playgirl. meow.

then i went home for a bit. then i went to Heather's.

i got a little lost on the way there but i found it. Matt was already there and so was her other friend Laura, who also loves Britney Spears. then her cousin Kayla (sp?) and her friend Becky came too. i think Kayla had a crush on me. she liked my blue hair. =P

we were watching Matilda and Heather said the principal was a lesbian and i said she was a bull dyke.

ooo then we had cake. i had two pieces b/c i was hungry. her doggie, Max, loves me. i was scratching his head or tummy and his leg kept kicking out. awww. DOGGIES!!! =D!

then we went to Laura's house and her room is covered wall to wall to ceiling with Britney Spears pictures. Laura's brother handcuffed Heather and killed her boobs. then we walked back and hung out for a bit til a little after 10.

oooo and Staci Lee called too and she said she was gonna cry when i said "i love u too Staci Lee." awww.

but it was GOOD TIMES and i hope Heather had an awesome birthday. ooo and she also won $39 in those scratch off lottery tickets. and me and her have to go to Love Shack now and look at porn and buy porn b/c she is now {drum roll} 18! woot woot! =D.

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my mommy's a funny lady Sep. 27th, 2003 @ 03:13 pm
we were talking b4 about finances or something (?) and she said "u had a good childhood....right? oh god, did u?!" haha. then she said it was b/c i had no friends around here growing up. yadda yadda yadda. then she goes, "i didn't really even have a social life til i was a senior in HS. i was kind of a loner." and then i said, "don't say that. u sound like me a few yrs ago." then she goes, "no wait, i did have alot of friends. yeah, i did. alot of friends. i was popular." hahaha. then she's like, "i think i was captain of the cheerleading squad!" ahh yes, my mommy's a funny lady.
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» another class maybe?
well OCC's having that Quick Term thing starting October 8. so i looked to see if they had Basic Drawing open. they didn't. then i checked Two Dimensional Design. they didn't. and since i was trying to figure out what i wanna take next semester earlier, i figured i'd look up the other classes. well they have two classes open for the quick term that i'm gonna take...Contemporary Health and Intro to Sociology. problem is that Intro to Sociology is only on Wednesdays from 9-12:55. 1) that interferes with my Art History and 2) there's no way i'm sticking ANOTHER class in on Wednesdays. but Contemporary Health is open on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 3:10-5:05. hmmm. maaaaybe. gotta talk to mom. and i gotta think about it some more. that's a 2 hr class. but i do wanna take something now to catch up on a small schedule this semester. and i'm hoping that they still have the Christmas session open and that Basic Drawing will be available. b/c there's a class i should be taking during the 2nd semester that i can't b/c i need Basic Drawing and 2-D Design first. soooo i'll see. and plus, i'm bored all day. i might as well do something instead of just sitting home.
» i have an outstanding paper
i didn't get out of bed til 8:10 this morning. very tired. i also fell asleep on the couch last night while watching Everybody Loves Raymond. but i really didn't feel like going to class today, but i went.

i was a few mins late. so i sat down in the back and the hot guy, Jim, goes, "she just got done saying how outstanding your paper was..all 3 pages of it." wow. that's fuckin awesome haha. when i saw everyone else's papers, it was maybe half a page. so i thought, "oh well, i wrote too much." but apparently writing too much paid off. b/c Prof. Silverman was like, "it seemed like i watched the episode as i read your paper." then she gave it back to me and then goes, "actually, do u mind if i make a copy of it? i wanna use it in a conference i'm having soon. i'll give it back soon." so yeah, i let her hang onto it.

this is awesome. she already likes how i write. wheeee. good times man, good times.

i just had two donuts from 711. they were good. i'm very tired but i should do some work for mom. i have no class tomorrow. score!
» mmm donuts
i just woke up and had donuts. i realized my house is fuckin gross b/c no one cleans anymore. i think i'll be a good son and clean the house up for mommy tomorrow after class. it'll be good times.
» i have a picture account now
thanks to the lovely Jess Taylor, i now have an account on www.villagephotos.com so i can now upload pics of Bermuda.
» 2 yrs later 9/11
taken from journal October 9, 2001...

"well it's been a while since i updated this....see Lisa! i finally did! lol...but anyway...

Terrorists suck. i know it's been like a month since they first attacked New York City, Washington DC and Pennsylvania, but i figured i'd write about it anyway. this really pissed me off and scared the shit out of me at the same time. i live in like Central New Jersey but my mom works up in Jersey City, Northern Jersey. so she saw both the Twin Towers fall. when i heard about the attacks, i was at lunch. so i tried to call her but it wasn't getting thru. b4 i left for lunch, my friend Holly said they called me down to the office but i figured i'd get it when i got back. but then Lisa said that if anything happened to her, they'd call. then we were both like OMG! so i started shaking and shit. i was really scared, cause w/o my mom, i'd just die, i really would. but when i got back to school, they said she called and said she was fine. but i was still all shaky and shit. and during Algebra, the principal called and said she got home OK. so when i got home i just gave her a big hug and kiss on the cheek and told her how worried i was about her. then she told me and my brother when he got home about what happened to her. she was driving to work and heard on the radio that the first tower was attacked. so when she got close to where she could see the Twin Towers from the Turnpike, she said it was just this big cloud of smoke. then she heard some guy freaking out on the radio saying that the second tower got hit. so she looked up and saw this huge fireball coming from the second tower. so she eventually got to work. she was watching the TV there and saw the first tower falling. now from work, she was able to see the tops of the Towers. so as soon as it started to fall on TV, she looked up and said that it was just gone. so she went inside to call the banks and stuff. then this lady, Debbie, came running into the main office saying that the Pentagon just got hit. so then my mom said that she HAD TO GO. but she was shaky and no one wanted her to leave like that. but she said that she had to. so she first tried the New Jersey Turnpike, but that was closed. so she turned back to work and she was shaking even more. although they didn't want her leaving like that, they gave her directions thru Route 3. when she finally got on Route 3, she said it was like a movie scene. ok, picture the scene in Deep Impact when everyone's cars are like not moving at all when the comet's about to hit. well, if u can picture that scene, that's what my mom said Route 3 looked like. and then either on Route 3 or the Garden State Parkway, she saw the second tower fall. it took her hours to get home. and when we finally saw what happened on TV, i was shocked. i couldn't believe this happened. i still don't. it's not registering w/ me yet.

other people i know were affected by this...

my friend Heather: her grandpa worked on one of the top floors of the first tower. she said he was probably blown to pieces from the plane.

my cousin's friend's dad: he was in the basement of Tower One when it was attacked. he ran outside. he said that there was blocks of cement the size of jeeps falling from the building.

my mom's friend that lives in New York City: her neighbors both worked in the Twin Towers. she's been taking care of their dogs. they haven't come home.

my online friend Chris: his friend worked in the Pentagon. she was killed by the plane.

people in my brother's class: he said there was quite a few kids who lost parents or other relatives from the New York City attack.

all i know is, we're gonna kick some Afghani ass! hahahaha!"

taken from journal September 11, 2002...

"of course, South had a ceremony thing. me and Allie's History class was right by the courtyard. and the TV was being a shit so Mr. Reynolds let us all go into the courtyard to see it. it was nice. Mr. Frasier singing songs...(cringe). then there were bagpipes. and some students said stuff about what happened at the World Trade Center, the Pentagon and the plane that crashed in PA. then this girl, Becky, got up to say a speech about "Hope" and she started crying. i felt bad for her =(. and i saw some girl in the chorus crying too. blah, i hate watching people cry =(. then we did the moment of silence and one of the girls run the Victory Bell 9 times, then 11 times. then we went back to class. blah blah blah. normal day.

and i wore my nifty NYC shirt my aunt got for me. and Senora Landmesser had an extra 9/11 ribbon so she asked if anyone wanted it and i did. b/c yeah, i felt like i should be wearing it or something and i was a little late so i didn't get the change to get one. and during 5th period, i kept looking at the clock, trying to figure out at what time i found out about the Towers and stuff. and when i was trying to call my mom. b/c i had 5th period lunch last year. blah. weirdness."

ahh yes, how touching. and now for TODAY's journal..September 11, 2003

i have not heard or mentioned one thing today about 9/11 other then Professor Silverman saying there's a ceremony in the front of the campus or something. other than that, nothing. and i wanna keep it that way. yes, its sad. yes, i love NYC and i wish the towers were back. but, i don't wanna hear about 9/11. they're just gonna keep saying the same shit over and over and yadda yadda yadda. and i just IM'ed Nikki before...

Me: oh god pika, i forgot to wish u a Happy 9/11 day! HAPPY 9/11!!!!!!
Me: haha i'm going to hell =P
Nikki: LOL!
Nikki: dude i was gonna say that to you today
Nikki: no lie
Me: hahahah =D
Me: on the calendars its called "Patriot Day"
Nikki: lol
Me: so actually, HAPPY PATRIOT DAY!!!!
Nikki: =) thanx noble
Me: no prob penis
Me: haha

so yes, basically, i'm going to hell haha.

ahh so anyway, i had to write this essay in English about how two writers styles of writing affected me or something. the one writer i actually wrote about b/c i skimmed it quick enough and actually understood some shit. so i wrote that paragraph. then Prof. Silverman said to switch papers with someone next to u. so i switched it with this hot guy named Jim. yes, very hot. very growl baby growl haha. and he gave it back and said "good job man." muhaha.

ahhh then i went to Walmart to FINALLY get my Bermuda pics back. $40. not bad i suppose. i had $50 with me. then i got $5 in gas. i now have $4 to my name haha. but oh well. the pics came back nice. i need to get one of those picture accounts online so i can show them off in the journal here.

i have a doctor's appt today at 4. i'm gonna tell him that the medicine i'm on now isn't working as well as it used to. i mean, i've been on it for about a year and a half now. maybe my body's just immune to it or something. I DUNNO! haha. but i'm gonna talk to him about that. maybe try a new med.
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